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Exrobocash is a small platform for creating, registering, developing and testing robots that trade on exchanges. Algorithmic trading is our top development priority. Our main advantage is the diversification of risks due to a large number of transactions with different assets. Thanks to the latest technologies, we can provide the client with a convenient personal account, where he can choose a suitable tariff and set up trading, and then make a profit.

The Exrobocash project began as a small group of enthusiasts who decided to create a unique algorithmic trading system based on their experience and the best practices of Western colleagues. Our staff employs 6 programmers, 8 marketers, 12 traders and 2 managers with a ten-year history of working in France. There is a separate financial analytics department that provides us with data for processing.

The robots themselves are of several types, but we gained the greatest fame after launching the automatic processing of gigantic data sets. The well-established system allowed the owner not to work at all, to make a profit thanks to a restrained asset valuation system and the robot's ability to sell, hold or buy them.

At the moment we are looking for new investors who want to secure a financially free life for themselves.

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